The Voices of Broadway Show Choir

Bringing the Broadway Musical Experience To London

Join One Of The Best Choirs In London
The Voices of Broadway are looking for
singers for  Season 11. 

If you've always wanted to be part of a Broadway musical, now is your chance to perform many Broadway Musical Numbers.

Voices of Broadway promotes a welcoming, family-like atmosphere where we support and encourage growth in each other, and help each other reach new heights in a safe singing environment, and accomplish what you never knew was possible.  You will meet new people with the same goals and dreams and develop life-long friendships.
join one of the best choirs in london


Announcing Season 11
Voices of broadway season 11
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Of All The Great Choirs In London, Voices of Broadway is London's Only Show Choir

One of the best choirs in London

Choirs in London

Discover one of the best kept entertainment secrets for choirs in London, The Voices of Broadway Show Choir.

The only London choir to include choreography and staging

Singing & Dancing

Unlike other London choirs, Voices of Broadway also brings choreography, movement and staging as well as top level choral singing.

Broadway musical experience

Broadway Musical Experience

The Voices of Broadway brings a true Broadway Musical theatrical experience to London and the surrounding area.

Who We Are...

London Ontario's Only Broadway SHOW Choir

The Voices of Broadway Show Choir, based in London Ontario, is a non-professional performance ensemble with high standards and high entertainment value. Our mission is to present well-balanced programs of traditional choral singing, along with choreography, staging, costumes, special effects and props. With our focus on “acting the song”, we bring Broadway musical stories to life on the stage.

Broadway Show Choir

Our Values...

Members who share the common bond of a love of singing and the musical theatre genre work together as a family to dazzle audiences through preparation, drill, and a devotion to excellence in performance.
Our overall performance goal is to provide our audiences with an engaging musical theatre experience at an affordable cost.  We put the “show” in Show Choir!

Here Is A Taste of Voices of Broadway

Watch The Voices of Broadway Perform "Proud Mary" from the Tina Turner Musical.

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Meet Our Incredible Creative Team:

Julie Pietrangelo

Artistic / Musical Director

Danielle Munoz

Danielle Munoz


Lynn Seward

Lynn Seward


Steven Morley


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