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The Voices of Broadway Show Choir

This is… The Voices of Broadway!!!

“Indeed, if its inaugural concert is any indication, Londoners will be hearing and seeing a lot more of The Voices of Broadway Show Choir and its Artistic Director in the months to come.” – Richard Young, The Beat Magazine Online

(Out of 4 Stars)

Our Vision

The Voices of Broadway Show Choir is a London and surrounding area community-based performance choral group that loves to sing Broadway music. Our goal is  to be one of the most entertaining choirs in the London area.

Our Roots

voices of broadway show choir, broadway singers

Julie Pietrangelo, our musical director, had a dream of combining great choral singing with staging, choreography, props, costuming, and special effects, all to create a choir with a theatrical flair and high entertainment value.  Yolanda Postma, our accompanist, and 17 choristers with whom Julie had worked before, all enthusiastically shared her vision, and collaborated to form a new Broadway choir, The Voices of Broadway Show Choir.

The Voices of Broadway’s Remembrance Day Tribute video had over 1,000 views in just 4 days!  Click Here to watch the video

Can You Spare a Tenner? Oops that’s a Tenor or maybe a bass or baritone as well

Come sing with us.  We are looking all male voicing for the second half of our season.   Click here for details.

We’re Especially Looking for MEN!






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  1. Brad says:

    I noticed you are in need of Tenors and I was just wondering, what age range you accept for your group.

    All The Best

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