Review of Broadway’s Biggest Blockbusters

london choirs

Here is a review from one of our patrons:

Voices of Broadway just gets better and better with its high energy, total commitment to the music being performed and its attention to the details of production. Its small band is ideal and extremely professional with a special kudo to Jim Smythe on bass and tuba. Technical aspects continue to improve with each new musical challenge and the choir copes almost magically with each of those musical challenges. It would be nice to have less frantic movement between numbers with mic changes and prop additions. Lighting of the whole show was especially creative!


Artistic and Musical Director, Julie Pietrangelo shows wonderful knowledge of the Broadway repertoire and Choreographer Lara Lamour adds a number of nice touches to the overall show with a special nice touch with her own dance number in the opening number of 42nd street.

Voices of Broadway is a wonderful addition to the cultural and artistic environment of London; don’t miss its next show.

Paul Eck