Review of Broadway Goes to Hollywood — And Back Again

broadway choir

The Following review of our show “Broadway Goes to Hollywood — and Back Again”

The Voices of Broadway Show Choir

Last Saturday at the Wolf Performance Hall, London’s newest choral aggregation proved that there is no shortage of talent in the Forest City..  This 32 voice group not only has the voices but it has the legs, the emotions, some comedy and a very obvious love for and understanding of the music it’s singing.

Under the direction of artistic/music director Julie Pietrangelo, Broadway Goes toHollywood…and Back Again moved right along eliciting cheers, applause and a standing ovation from the sold out crowd.  Choreographer Lara Lamour has devised several active dance accompaniments which the singers carried off with pride and efficiency.

Master of Ceremonies, Joel Catlack, added yet another dimension to the evening by providing background information and context for each selection.

The stage band of Jim Smythe, Chris Levesque and Greg Mainprize added just the right musical touch to make us feel we were actually in a Broadway Theatre.  At times the balance between singers and the band seemed somewhat overpowering but those boys can really play.  Show Choir pianist and assistant  music director, Yolanda Postma, was the glue that held the band together.

There was some confusion as to exactly what the stage lighting was doing with soloists sometimes almost in the dark but that certainly didn’t preclude any audience enjoyment.

A great time with a well rehearsed and committed group of singers.  Their next season is already planned for: January 17, 2015 at the Bishop Cronyn Centre Space for the Arts and May 30, 2015 for TWO performances at the Wolf Performance Hall, a matinee and an evening show.  And those two performances are absolutely necessary given the number that had to be turned away Saturday night.  Do yourselves a favour and get on the mailing list right away at

3-1/2 Stars out of 4 3.5 stars

Paul Eck
Former drama critic CFPL-TV, CFPL AM and FM, CJBK, Stratford Times, Grand Bend Times, Host of “The Play’s the Thing” on CFPL-FM.