An Open Letter to our Artistic Director

Dearest Julie,

Words cannot begin to describe the tremendous gifts you have given the Voices family.   Not only have you given the gift of your time, your efforts, your talents and your skills; more importantly, you have given us so many intangible gifts.

You have given us, and continue to give us,  the gift of your limitless fiery energy, your passion, your love of Broadway, your smile, your laughter, your friendship, and yes, even your famous stink eye is a gift of sorts, but most of all, you have given Voices your dream.  It may have started solely as YOUR dream, and it will always be your VISION, but the dream belongs to us all now.   It is the greatest gift you have bestowed upon the Voices family and we thank you from the deepest recesses of our hearts. We love you dearly.

Signed . . .

YOUR Voices of Broadway Family.